3-BALL cockring with 2 attached ballstretchers


Why didn’t we think of this sooner?

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Why didn’t we think of this sooner? (Said while scratching our collective ball-sacks)
Such a simple idea…a cockring with 2 ball rings connected by springy flexible silicone that tugs on your sack while you wank or fuck…so stupid simple

Here’s how this one works:

Put your greasy cock and balls through the larger ring

Flip up the smaller ring up under your balls, stretch it, and drop your balls through, flip the second ball ring up and drop your balls through that

feel the tug!

That’s it

Jack-Off, fuck some hole, stuff your dick in a hot drooling mouth…3-BALL will tug your sack with every thrust…the tug isn’t intense, its just enough…keeps your balls down in their proper place and your sack gently stretched…

We’ve tested this fucker out on all kinds of meat: big hairy bull-beef…piggy uncut pork…smooth tanned chicken tenders with shaved balls
They all dug it
It fits if you are hung huge or hung…er…less huge…with big balls or small balls…

The skin-flex silicone has enough stretch they all could wear it for a long haul…even guys that didn’t use ballstretcher got off on 8-BALL…the ball-ring is soft and flexes enough you don’t get blue balls…but it does stay on even is you have a small sack…it stretches to fit a huge sack too…this one you can wear for hours…and we do…it’s the staff favorite

At OXBALLS, most of us are “simple” single-minded sex-on-the-brain drooling dirty pigs, constantly groping our junk and making foul comments…that’s just what we are…that’s why sometimes simple is better

(after all, the simple dumb ones are the best fucks)…

Material: Silicone

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